The street naming project aimed to assign unique names and numbers to the various streets in the Tarkwa Simpa town. This initiative is to enhance navigation, improve community identity, and ensure efficient emergency services. The project involved the collaboration between the Municipal Assembly and the Simpa community members. This report provides an overview of the project, its objectives, and details of the activities carried out and the outcomes achieved during the work.

The primary objective of the Tarkwa Simpa street naming work was to ;

 Establish a standardized and organized street naming system.

 Improve navigation and wayfinding for residents and visitors.

 Enhance emergency response efficiency by providing clear and unique street names.

 Promote a sense of identity and community pride through meaningful street names.

 Ensure compliance with local government regulations and standards.

 Minimize confusion and duplication of street names.

In conclusion, the integration of GIS in the implementation of SNPA has aided in the development of a database for the Municipality. This can be used in the spatial planning and management of the Municipality. Furthermore, the challenges faced in the implementation of this system if improved can increase the pace at which street naming can be addressed within the municipality. This goes to say that although the Municipality has achieved a about 45 % coverage in terms of naming and signage mounting, more efficient and productive methods can be employed.

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