Natural Resources Conservation


The Natural Resources Conservation Department of the Municipal Assembly is for the sustainable development of the forestry and wildlife resources and protected areas in the Municipal by combining functions of the Departments of Forestry and Wildlife.

The Department:

(a)assist the Assembly in the formulation of policies for the conservation of natural resources in the district within the framework of national policy on natural resources, conservation and report on the implementation of the policies and programmes to the Municipal Assembly;

(b) facilitate the creation of awareness on the benefits of forests and wildlife conservation;

(c) encourage investment in commercial timber plantation and the preservation of wildlife;

(d)assist and facilitate the establishment and maintenance of tree nurseries and forest plantations for sale to the public;

(e)facilitate the promotion and support of the development of: private nurseries, woodlots, fodder poles and timber; and Municipal wildlife reserves including rearing of animals for the production of bush meat and horn by individuals, institutions and organizations;

(f)advise on the prohibition, restriction or regulation of the hunting, capture, killing or sale of animals or any specified species; and cutting, logging or destruction of vegetation growing along any river, stream watercourse, degraded hill slopes and river sources and courses;

(g) facilitate replanting or re-forestation of water courses and degraded land;

(h)assist in developing collaborative mechanisms for; the sustainable management and utilization of timber and non-timber products; and the protection of forest and water resources from bush fires, illegal harvesting, agricultural encroachment and pollution;

(i) assist the Assembly in the mapping out of areas for natural environment, preservation and protection:

(j) advise the Assembly on measures to embark on to prevent soil erosion; and

(k) assist in prohibiting farming practices which are detrimental to the environment.