The Department of Transport assist the Assembly formulate and implement policies on transport services within the framework of national policies.
The Department:
(a) advise the Assembly on matters relating to transport services in the Municipal;
(b) prohibit or restrict the driving of general or any specified vehicles on specified roads or specified direction;
(c)regulate the use and conduct of public vehicles, including the routes and parking places in accordance with the Driver and other detail Vehicle Licensing Authority Act (Act 569);
(d)provide for the identification of licensed vehicles;
(e)license taxis, bicycles and motor bikes and prescribe fees to be paid;
(f) establish, acquire and maintain transport services by land or water including ferries;
(g) maintain records of classified contractors and consultants in the transport services industry within the Municipal;
(h) prepare composite progress and annual reports on transport works in the Municipal;
(i)assist in the review of road designs by consultants for designated roads; and
(j)establish, maintain and control parks for motor and other vehicles.

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