The Global Pandemic Covid-2019 has affected the lives of individuals and caused one to adhere to certain lifestyle or principles to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the lives of the people since it has sent thousands of people to their grave ever since its outbreak worldwide.

The Government of Ghana as part of it measures to prevent the spread of this virus put in place strict protocols in this regard. The protocols included the wearing of nose masks, washing of hands under running water with soap, use of alcohol based sanitizers, restricted numbers at events/gatherings among others.

The Disability Fund Management Committee put into considerations all these measures proposed by government and decided to organise a skills training workshop on liquid soap making & detergent-parazone for Person’s living With Disability in Tarkwa.

The goal was to equip them with the necessary skills and tools to enable them make their own liquid soaps for personal use and also to possibly serve as an income generating activity for them since they were in high demand. A total of 200 persons (PWDs – 190 and Facilitators/Trainers – 10) were invited for the two day training program.


The training program on liquid soap making commenced on Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at the Roman Social Centre at 10:00am with members from the Deaf Association present for the training. They were welcomed by the Chairman –Social Service, Hon David A. Kum Gyan who admonished them to take the training seriously since the skills obtained from the training would be of benefit to them.

The Chairman-Ghana Federation of the Disabled also welcomed the participants from the Deaf Association and introduced the trainers to the participants. Mr. Piesie A. Agyapong, secretary to the DFMC and social welfare officer also reminded the participants to continue observing the government protocols even as the training was on-going.

The trainers Ms. Rhoda Gyampoh, Ms Paulina Kuupol and Madam Khadijatu Haruna took the participant through the various stages in preparing the liquid soap with the available ingredients (a bucket of water, perfume, thickner, colour, foam booster, salt etc). The participants observed carefully the preparation process and after had the opportunity to ask questions via their interpreter. Participants had the opportunity to practice what they had learnt by making their own liquid soap after the training with guidance from the trainers.

The participants requested to know where they could purchase the liquid soap making items and they were answered in that regard.  The Chairman – GFD, Mr. Daniel Otchere thanked the participants for their contributions during the program and urged them to buy the items and make their own for personal use or sell to the public to make profit. The meeting was brought to a close at 2:30pm with a prayer from Madam Khadijatu Haruna.


The second day of training had participants from the Physically Challenged and reps for blind union participants present at the Roman Social Centre for the training at 9:30am.  The Chairman-GFD, Mr. Daniel Otchere welcomed the participants and urged them to pay attention at the training. Mr. Piesie A. Agyapong admonished them to continue observing government protocols by wearing their nose mask to which they were all provided with one at the training and washing of hands with soap under running water among others.

The trainers took the participants through the liquid soap making process and parazone preparation with participants having the opportunity to ask questions and also practice preparing their own liquid soap with the trainers guiding them through the process. All Participants were given samples of the prepared liquid soap and detergent – parazone after the training.


The trainers carefully demonstrating the preparation of liquid soap with the Deaf interpreter (standing next to the ladies) explaining the process with sign language.

The trainers (ladies) showing the participants the liquid soap making process in the black rubber basin with the interpreter beside her.

A section of Deaf Association participants paying attention to the liquid soap making process during the training.

The 2 Deaf participants demonstrating to the audience the preparation process of the liquid soap.

A group photograph of participants at the liquid soap making skills training.

Madam Khadijatu Haruna explaining the process of liquid soap making with Ms. Rhoda Gyampoh demonstrating its preparation.

A trainer (Ms. Rhoda Gyampoh) answering a question on the liquid soap making preparation process raised by a participant.

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