Hon. Benjamin Kessie, Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipal Chief Executive (M.C.E.) has laid out exclusive plans for the municipality for the years ahead.

According to him, reconciling with his Assembly Members was one of his top priorities since his first appointment as the M.C.E and will do everything possible to maintain peace and unity among themselves.

“Though I was legitimately endorsed on my first appointment, I knew I didn’t have full support from the house. From day one, my dream has been to use that opportunity to reconcile our font and that reflected during the confirmation. I started bridging the gap between us right after the election” he said.

He stated that the biggest challenge facing Tarkwa now is the poor nature of our roads and will ensure that there is a significant improvement in our road network by the next two years.

He stressed that it is imperative that a befitting market is built for traders at Market Circle and also the Community Centre at Nzemaline be given a facelift to serve as a resource centre in order to host programs without any hindrance. He further explained that traders at market circle will be resettled and later brought back to occupy their own stalls when the ultra-modern market centre is completed. Project redesign for the community centre at Nzemaline is also in progress and would be projected soon.

For aesthetic purposes, certain areas have been earmarked for the construction of permanent stores and as such temporal structures (containers) shall be removed. He was hopeful that the people of the municipality shall work together to build a better Tarkwa-Nsuaem going forward.

He also disclosed that the Assembly is on the verge of completing a new Health Insurance office. He assured citizens of a significant improvement during his tenure.

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