Following a declaration of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Ministry of Health’s confirmation of two reported cases in Ghana on 12th March, 2020, I wish to bring to the attention of the good people of the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality, that besides all the measures being put in place by the Government of Ghana to curtail any possible suspected case(s), the Municipal Assembly also met with its key stakeholders last week Friday, 13th March, 2020, including the Ghana Health and Education Service Directorates, Representatives of the Traditional Authority, Religious Leaders, Health Professionals within the Public and Private Health Facilities in the Municipality, the three major Mining Companies (Gold Fields, AngloGold and Ghana Manganese), and other concerned development partners to discuss possible preventive and management modalities.

Again, according to official information released yesterday, 15th March, 2020 by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information, the number of confirmed cases in the country has been increased from the two initially confirmed to Six (6).

(a) Outcome of the Stakeholders Discussions

  1. A 23- Membership Steering Committee Chaired by the Municipal Chief Executive has been formed.
  2. Training of Health Personnel by the Municipal Directorate of Ghana Health Service in collaboration with Authorities of other recognized health facilities has commenced.
  3. 5-Health facilities including the Municipal Gov’t, Apinto Gov’t, Gold Fields, AngloGold and Ghana Manganese Hospitals are designated health facilities to temporarily handle possible suspected reported cases of Covid-19 that may require isolation.
  4. A Sub-team has been constituted to mobilize support for the acquisition of basic personal protective equipment (PPE).
  5. A special team comprising of Health Professionals and the Information Services Department has also been constituted and tasked to as a matter of urgency, intensify public education campaign to create awareness of the COVID-19 and the outlined precautionary measures.




(b) Basic Precautionary Measures

  1. All Public and Private Organizations should provide water and detergents at their offices or work places for regular hand washing.
  2. All residents in the Municipality are encouraged to constantly practice good personal hygiene such as regularly washing hands with soap under running water, use of Alcohol based hand sanitizers, covering of nose and mouth with tissue when sneezing or coughing.
  3. Avoid overcrowded gatherings and all kinds of body contacts such as handshakes and hugs.
  4. Desist from circulating false, fake and comic videos or materials on social media which has the tendency of misinforming the public, and causing fear and panic.
  5. People are advised to follow the government special official website for reliable updates (
  6. Observe for the following symptoms and report immediately to the nearest health care facility;
  7. fever, pains, headache and tiredness
  8. dry cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, running nose and difficulty in breathing.
  9. Call the following emergency response contact numbers; 0246897822/0243508072

(c) Note

We must all remember that the symptoms of COVID-19 are associated with other common diseases as well, hence, people with such conditions should not be suspected without medical confirmation.

(d) Assurance

The President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has given his assurance of our nation’s preparedness to deal with the disease.

I want to also assure Wassaman and the good people of Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality in particular, that leadership is at work. Every means possible is being discussed to prepare towards handling any unfortunate eventuality in this Municipality.

(e) Call for Calmness

Let me further entreat every resident in our Municipality to duly comply with the directive made on Sunday 15th March, 2020, by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana in His second address to the nation since the arrival of the pandemic, COVID-19. We must also completely discard any fear or panic, but remain calm, be extra vigilant, cautious, prayerful, and obedient to the medical guidelines given by the relevant authorities.

(f) The Media Involvement    

At this critical moment, the media as a key stakeholder representing the voice of the masses and fighting for their well-being must get actively involved in the fight, by sensitizing the general public on the fundamental precautionary measures against contracting the COVID-19.

(g) Conclusion

I believe together we can fight to prevent, safe and protect our lives against this deadly uninvited guest which has suddenly surfaced its ugly face in our Country.

God Bless Our Home Land Ghana

And Make Tarkwa-Nsuaem Great and Strong.

Thank you.






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