The Department of Social Welfare was invited to discuss the celebration of the African Child Day on Mining City radio 89.5MHZ. The theme was ‘Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children: Progress on Policy & Practice since 2013’.

The social welfare officer, Mr. Piesie A. Agyapong educated listeners on-air about who a child is and the rights which is enshrined and protected in the Children’s Act 560, 1998.

He went on to mention some of the rights of a child including; Right to a name, right to worship, right of association, right to grow up with parents, non-discrimination, right of opinion, right to refuse betrothal and marriage, protection from torture and degrading treatment among others.

The Social Welfare Officer – Mr. Piesie A. Agyapong on-air discussing African Child Day celebration.

The social welfare officer, Mr. Piesie A. Agyapong further used the opportunity to explain in details why these rights are essential in the upbringing of a child and the penalties to be faced when parents break or infringe on these rights.

He expatiated on certain practices like female genital mutilation (FGM) which is criminal and scars the girl child and so anybody who is still continuing with this practice would be prosecuted when found.

Also, the African child instead of being in school learning is sometimes found engaging in child labour which is detrimental to the child. He stated that some of these practices have a lasting effect on the African child and could prevent the child from achieving their dreams.

The officer used the opportunity to educate the public on some of the government policies like Free SHS, Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education, School Feeding, and ban on FGM among others and how these policies seek to protect the interest of children and give them an opportunity to fulfil their dreams. 

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